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  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Depression
  • Schizophrenia
  • Schizophrenia With Alcohol Use Disorder

About Woodland Research Northwest

Woodland Research Northwest is an inpatient and outpatient research clinic, founded in 2008, as the second location in Arkansas for Woodland International Research Group. Similar to the group’s headquarters and original site, located three hours away in Little Rock, the Woodland Research Northwest clinic in Rogers conducts a mix of Early Phase (I/Ib) and Late Phase (II/III) trials.  The site specializes in psychiatric and Alzheimer’s Disease research, but also conducts trials in a variety of general medical indications.

Over the years, the site has developed into a well established and respected unit, providing access to research studies in an important area of the country.  With a population approaching 500,000, it is vastly underserved by the research community. The newly expanded Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport provides over 50 non-stop flights daily to 15 destinations including New York, Dallas, Atlanta, Los Angeles and Chicago.


Woodland Research Northwest is a 12,000 square foot research facility designed specifically for the comfort and safety of all subjects participating in clinical trials.  The facility is divided into two clinical areas. The first is a 12-bed individual room unit designed to provide privacy and comfort, and the second is an 18-bed PK unit. This facility is equipped with emergency care systems and was designed for long PK days. The unit has a full kitchen and game room, including a pool table.  The nursing station is located within the unit, allowing the staff to continuously monitor patients outside the acute care ward. Washington Regional Medical Center is only minutes away for full emergency services.

Woodland Research Northwest serves an untapped research market and has well-established recruitment initiatives, which include outreach to community homes throughout northwest Arkansas and into Oklahoma and Missouri. The site uses a central IRB for all regulatory submissions.

Robert Billingsley, MD